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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which your web browser can automatically download from some websites.

Typically they contain data about your activity on that website so it can personalise your experience for future visits. If the site was a shopping site, for example, the cookie might contain a list of products categories you looked at, so the next time you visit, these product categories would be more prominent or perhaps even chosen as your welcome page.

Do Cookies contain viruses?

No, Cookies are just text documents. Just a collection of characters and digits.

Why should I be worried about Cookies?

Although a Cookie in itself is harmless it does contain information personal to you. Information in Cookies can (in some circumstances) be exploited by websites other than the Cookie's original author.

What can I do?

All UK websites which employ Cookies must make it clear whenever Cookies are being used, so, if you don't want to download Cookies the easiest solution would be to leave a website which declares Cookies usage.

Or, web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc...) allow you to disable Cookies.

Generally, because the risk is considered minor, users keep Cookies enabled in their browsers but instead use some virus protection software. Virus protection software (amongst many, many, other things) is able to distinguish between safe and questionable Cookies, and will either delete the bad ones, or let you know one has been downloaded.

What does this website use Cookies for?

Like most website's we spend a good deal of effort making sure our website is found by Google when people are searching for our products and making sure we expand on the content users like and use frequently and improve content and features users are having a hard time finding or using.

One of the tools Google provides for website owners is 'Google Analytics', it's a great piece of technology which allows website owners to monitor all kinds of information about how users are using their websites. It's free and used by a huge number website owners. 'Google Analytics' works by using Cookies to track a user's usage of a website. All the data is anonmous but does contain some geographical data if available.

The second kind of Cookie we use on this website is our Affiliate Cookies. This website belongs to a family of websites known as Affiliate Websites. We take information about products from a wide range of partner websites and bring them all together into one Affilate website, allowing users to browse all the products side by side.

If we send a user to one of our partner websites and the user goes on to make a booking we are able to charge the partner a small amount of commission for the sale. So our partners know we were the Affiliate which pointed a customer to their site we create a Cookie on the customer's computer (or phone etc...) which the partner can read to confirm our involvement. The Cookies last for up to 30 days so we can earn commission for sales at a later date. It's important to note that the customer pays the same amount regardless of whether or not an Affiliate was involved.

Further information

As always, Wikipedia can tell you everything you need to know on Cookies here, but if you have any questions please contact us. Our contact details can be reached from a link at the bottom of every page.

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