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New UHS Logo

[Oct 2012]

A small UK Holiday Search update from M Bill

Now that uk-holiday-search is on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, it's really clear that our logo is long overdue for a facelift.

On the 'social' sites a user's logo must be clear and visible at a small scale and also look great when enlarged. Our old logo just didn't look good when enlarged, or shrunk:

That's why we've created a new one:

It's 250 x 250 pixels which looks good on all the social sites when enlarged, but also is still legible when made smaller and used as an icon:

The social sites also make use of a large banner called a 'cover' so we've also created a banner image. Each site uses different dimensions so we've worked on a single image which will scale well in Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It's 940 x 315 and we're really pleased with how it looks on each site:

We hope everyone likes it.

≅M Bill⊆ webmaster

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