Castle at The Hideaway, Tenby, Dyfed

Castle at The Hideaway in Tenby, Dyfed

Castle at The Hideaway sleeps 4 people

Castle at The Hideaway has 2 bedrooms

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Pebbles in Dyfed
Sleeps 6
3 Bedrooms
Saundersfoot, Dyfed

Green Acre Cottage

Green Acre Cottage in Dyfed
Sleeps 10
4 Bedrooms
Kilgetty, Dyfed

Deep Meadows

Deep Meadows in Dyfed
Sleeps 18
7 Bedrooms
Amroth, nr. Saundersfoot., Dyfed

Clam Cottage

Clam Cottage in Dyfed
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Amroth, nr. Saundersfoot, Dyfed

Caldey Island View

Caldey Island View in Dyfed
Sleeps 5
2 Bedrooms
Penally, nr. Tenby, Dyfed

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Castle at The Hideaway