Rowan Cottage, Huby, near York, North Yorkshire

Rowan Cottage in Huby, near York, North Yorkshire

Rowan Cottage sleeps 3 people

Rowan Cottage has 2 bedrooms

Pets allowed

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The Granary

The Granary in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 6
3 Bedrooms
Bilsdale, nr. Helmsley, North Yorkshire

The Barn

The Barn in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 4
2 Bedrooms
Huby, Nr Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

Moxby Priory Cottage

Moxby Priory Cottage in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Stillington, North Yorkshire

Mill Cottage

Mill Cottage in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 4
2 Bedrooms
Stillington, nr. York, North Yorkshire

Cass Lodge

Cass Lodge in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 5
3 Bedrooms
York, North Yorkshire

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Rowan Cottage