Seaton Court, Staithes, North Yorkshire

Seaton Court in Staithes, North Yorkshire

Seaton Court sleeps 7 people

Seaton Court has 3 bedrooms

Pets allowed

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Coble  in Cleveland
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Staithes, nr. Whitby, Cleveland


Spinnaker in Cleveland
Sleeps 4
2 Bedrooms
Staithes, nr. Whitby, Cleveland

Bo’suns Rest

Bo’suns Rest in Cleveland
Sleeps 6
3 Bedrooms
Staithes, nr. Whitby, Cleveland

Captains Quarters

Captains Quarters in Cleveland
Sleeps 12
5 Bedrooms
Staithes, nr. Whitby, Cleveland

Felicity Cottage

Felicity Cottage in North Yorkshire
Sleeps 4
2 Bedrooms
Staithes, nr. Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Seaton Court