The Old Dairy Cottage, Farningham, Kent

The Old Dairy Cottage in Farningham, Kent

The Old Dairy Cottage sleeps 4 people

The Old Dairy Cottage has 2 bedrooms

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Violets in Kent
Sleeps 4
2 Bedrooms
Shipbourne, nr. Sevenoaks, Kent

Sutton Cottage

Sutton Cottage in Kent
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Hawley, Kent.

The Lodges - Chestnut Lodge

The Lodges - Chestnut Lodge in Kent
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Hawley, nr. Dartford, Kent

The Lodges - Bluebell Lodge

The Lodges - Bluebell Lodge in Kent
Sleeps 2
1 Bedroom
Hawley, nr. Dartford, Kent

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The Old Dairy Cottage